What is Dry Mouth Syndrome?

Posted on: August 15, 2017

Dry MouthDry mouth syndrome is something that requires treatment. While many people view having a dry mouth as a simple annoyance, it is actually a health concern that one needs to address. The body depends on a certain level of saliva production to maintain balance for oral health. If the mouth is too dry, then it increases the risk for tooth decay and gum disease. For help with dry mouth, we recommend calling our clinic.

First, what causes dry mouth?

There are several things that can cause the mouth to become dry and the most simple cause is dehydration. If anyone becomes overly dehydrated, they are not going to be creating enough saliva. By drinking more water throughout the day, one can prevent dry mouth or lessen it. We also recommend that adults drink at least eight, eight-ounce glasses of water a day to stay hydrated.

However, anyone who is suffering from dry mouth should drink much more. To make it easier, carry a water bottle throughout the day and continue refilling it. For anyone who does not like water, there are single-serving juice pouches that can flavor water. Just avoid drinking soda, since this can cause further dehydration.

Other causes are not what you might think

Medication can also cause dry mouth. Certain medications have dry mouth as one of their side effects and while it may not be possible to stop taking medication, we can treat dry mouth by having the individual drink more water and visit the dentist.

Diabetics also tend to suffer from dry mouth syndrome. Controlling blood sugar levels can help to mitigate this risk. Any diabetic who is struggling with dry mouth can visit our clinic for treatment. Other common causes a dry mouth include sleeping with the mouth open, old age, stress, and anxiety.

Dry mouth syndrome can have a negative impact

Some risk associated with dry mouth are more dangerous and others. For example, dry mouth can lead to stale or bad breath. This is not particularly dangerous but can certainly be an unwelcome symptom when it comes to social interactions. Again, drinking water will help with this, as will using an antiseptic mouthwash throughout the day.

Other patients suffer from decay and get follow cavities because of dry mouth syndrome. The saliva is necessary for washing away the food particles and plaque that builds up on the teeth. Without it, they will simply remain in place and contribute to an oral health problem. Also, gum disease can be a result of a lack of saliva as well.

Visit the dentist

The best way to treat dry mouth is to drink more water and visit our office. Since the risk of infection, decay and gum disease increases with the condition, it is more important than ever to have teeth cleaned twice per year.

If your mouth feels dry, call our clinic and schedule an appointment so that we can help to prevent oral health problems. Continue with regular appointments until the condition goes away.

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